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Leion Liu

Meet Leon

Before 2017, my life was spent step by step like other ordinary Chinese white-collar workers. In 2009, after graduating from the university majoring in international trade, I received a bachelor's degree in economics. After that, I did not look for a job but chose to study for a master's degree in law to become a lawyer specializing in international business affairs. However, during this period, my part-time experience as an assistant account manager at China Merchants Bank made me interested in banks. Therefore, after I obtained a master's degree in law in 2012, through recruitment, I went to the International Settlement Document Center, an institution directly under the head office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, to work on letters of guarantee, letters of credit and international settlement. In seven years of work, I have obtained the three certificates of CSDG®, CDCS®, and CITF certified by the ICC International Chamber of Commerce through my efforts. I have also become an expert from a processor.

Life will be spent in this ordinary way, if it were not for my aunt's invitation to visit them in Saskatoon, Canada in 2017. During our month in Canada, my wife and I drove to Banff and were deeply moved by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. However, what we like more is the social environment here. All people respect each other, follow the order, are tolerant and friendly. We all believe that we have found the ideal place to live. Therefore, we decided to move to Canada. In 2019, we are here. A new beginning is always difficult. On the recommendation of my teacher, I applied for the accounting major of Fanshawe College. It is a challenge for me to learn new subjects, but my economic background made me comfortable. Moreover, for people who work all year round, learning is more like a pleasure. During school, I achieved A+ or A grades in all subjects. So, I got a recommendation from the school and applied for the The Tax Guys. Accounting is boring for many people, but I can always find fun in it. I like my current state very much. I am in a very professional team with friendly colleagues who are willing to help me. I am a newcomer to The Tax Guys, but I believe that soon I will be able to do well in this industry because this has happened more than once in the past and I have strong confidence.

From my study and work experience, it can be seen that I am a person who pursues perfection but does not want to be monotonous. For hobbies, the same is true for me. Since I was young, I have liked all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, table tennis, fishing, mountain climbing, archery and so on. And what drives me the most is the road bike. Starting this sport was just to relieve waist discomfort caused by years of office work. However, I became obsessed with this and persisted. From 2015 to 2019, my annual cycling mileage exceeded 10,000 kilometers. The craziest time was when I participated in the China Marathon Cycling Race and rode 421.95 kilometers within 24 hours, spanning three provinces from Huangshan in Anhui to Feng Jing in Shanghai. Besides, I also like outdoor swimming, so my friend recommended me to try a triathlon. So I participated in many triathlon competitions, including swimming in the sea and ice lakes in winter. Now that I have come to Canada, I have not given up these hobbies. To tell you a whisper, the water of Lake Huron is a bit sweet.

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